WellMed Medical Clinic & Senior Activity Center

Sunset Valley, Texas

This four-acre site was originally developed in the 1990s with a 13,000 square-foot building that exceeded Sunset Valley’s impervious cover limits. To meet the needs of the local population, WellMed required a 19,000 square-foot expansion with additional parking beyond what code required.

Because Blayne implemented modern, ecological techniques to meet the water quality needs of the site, variances were approved for impervious cover exceeding code restrictions, encroachment in vegetated buffer, encroachment in the utility easement, alternative landscape compliance, compact parking, and reduced parking dimensions.


To achieve water quality as required by Austin SOS regulations, the design included rainwater harvesting, permeable pavers, biofiltration, reirrigation, and vegetated filters.

Construction maintained access and minimized disturbance for multiple existing businesses.

Stansberry Engineering worked with and presented to City Council for special use permit, multiple variance requests, and watershed development permitting.

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feasibility, schematic design, low impact development strategies, construction documents, multi-step site permitting, variances, TxDOT permitting, TCEQ Water Pollution Abatement Plan, construction administration